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Reference: Gout wg 0.5/1/5 liter

Gout root and plant growth stimulant (RG1 / WG1)

RG1 is a very powerful root and plant growth stimulant that enables the plant or cutting to take root easily and grow profusely. Its roots will branch off exponentially, increase in length and thickness quickly and they will develop an elaborate network of fine root hairs. RG1 also enables the plant to absorb its nutrition to the full. This stimulates the...

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Reference: Gout bs2 0.5/1/5 liter

Gout flowering stimulant (FS2 / BS2)

Fs2 is a powerful flowering stimulant that results in a lush and generous flowering stage. The stimulant contains the exact nutrients required by the plant in its second three weeks to branch off widely and extensively and develop many flowers and fruits. Fs2 also positively influences the plant’s resilience, so the plant is less likely to be affected by...

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Reference: Gout th3 0.5/1/5 liter

Gout top hardener (TH3)

Th3 is a powerful top hardener. It contains exactly those nutrients the plants require to fully ripen their fruitage in the final phase of their flowering stage. Th3 guarantees large, hardened tops containing many crystals. This agent also increases the plants’ resilience against fungi and disease, making the harvest less susceptible to these.

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