The highest quality gives the best result. That is the rock-solid principle behind the Gout supply line for flowering and fruit-bearing plants. Therefore, only the very best and purest ingredients are included in the products of Gout. Its balanced composition has been developed in close collaboration with experienced scientists from agriculture and horticulture. Gout chooses organic ingredients where possible and for biomineral where necessary. Besides the high quality, the simple dosage is the other big advantage of Gout: for most products the same mixing ratio of 1 ml applies to 1 liter of water. This minimizes the chance of mistakes.

The Gout line consists of Basis A and Basis B - these are the basic nutrients for the cultivation of plants on hydro. For the cultivation on earth there is the one-component feed Gb, which stands for Grondbasis. For the optimization of soil life and the breakdown of old, organic material, the Gout line has two products: Bio-Zym and Hydro-Zym. These enzyme preparations protect the plants against fungal diseases. Bio-Zym can also be used as a pH-minus and entirely biological. BBK is the biological pesticide of Gout. It repels and kills pests such as spider mites, aphids, thrips and whitefly.

An easy 1-2-3 booster system can be used for both soil and hydro culture. These are destined for the three periods that flourish through flowering and fruit-bearing plants: the vegative phase, the floral phase and the ripening phase. For the first period, vegative phase, the booster system consists of the organic Wg1 or Root growth 1; a very powerful root stimulator. The next period, the floral phase, is the turn of the also biological Bs2, which stands for Bloom stimulator 2. This booster provides a dense branching and a lush bloom. And for the final period, the ripening phase, Gout Th3, which means Top hortus 3. Thanks to this biomineral product the plant ripens nicely and the end result is optimized.

The reliability of Gout is self-evident. Call it old-fashioned, but Gout strongly values ​​it. The word 'gout' means 'good' in the north of the Netherlands. Gout stands for that meaning.

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